Frontexit is an international campaign for the defence of migrants' human rights at the external borders of the European Union.


Who are we ?

Frontexit is a campaign led by 21 associations, researchers and individuals from both North and South of the Mediterranean (Belgium, Cameroon, France, Italy, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, international organisations, regional networks).


What are we asking for ?

Frontexit has a twofold objective : to inform a wide audience about the impacts of Frontex operations in terms of human rights, and to denounce these impacts to the political representatives who are directly involved.

More concretely, through actions of investigation, litigation, awareness-raising and advocacy, this campaign aims to obtain:

  • transparency surrounding the mandates, responsibilities and actions of Frontex ;
  • the suspension of those activities of the agency identified as violating human rights;
  • the cancellation of the ruling creating the Frontex agency, if it is proven that the agency’s mandate is incompatible with the respect of fundamental rights.


Join us !


Acknowledgment: This project has been supported by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), a collaborative initiative of the Network of European Foundations. The sole responsibility for the content of the campaign lies with the author(s) and the content may not necessarily reflect the positions of NEF, EPIM or the partners foundations.